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Welcome to the PES Health Center Web Page! 
Welcome to the Phillipsburg Elementary School Health Office web page. We would like to inform you of the health office requirements and assist with any health care needs your student may have during their educational years as a Liner. 

ALL MEDICAL PAPERWORK THAT YOU NEED IS AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE AND CAN BE PRINTED AT YOUR HOME.  Please read through this website and the Health Office Requirements listed on the sidebar for complete details. 

If you have any questions or concerns, our PES nurses are Mrs. Melissa Lilly and Mrs. Lauren Santana. Their contact information are within the sidebar! We are here to ensure that students with chronic medical conditions can safely attend school. We also manage health issues that occur within the school environment.

Notes from Physicians
All letters from physicians should be submitted to the main office, initially. The school nurses and teachers will be notified accordingly by the main office. Please be sure to submit a return to physical education letter from your student’s physician if your student’s condition resolves and your student’s physician previously excluded them from physical education, so it does not hinder future eligibility for physical education.

State law does not permit students to carry prescription or over the counter medication while at school except in the case of potentially life-threatening illness (Inhalers for Asthma and Auto-Injector Epinephrine for severe allergic reactions, and Insulin/Glucagon/Supplies for Diabetes).  If it is necessary for a student from grades 3-5 to receive medication during the school day, the school nurse will store all medications in the health office and administer them.  State law requires a written prescription signed by your health care provider including diagnosis, medication dosage, route and time of administration, and written consent of the parent/ guardian. The medication is to be delivered to the health office by the parents in the original pharmacy container.  Forms are available in the health office and on this site. Medications other than inhalers, Epinephrine and diabetic supplies must be delivered to the health office and picked up from the health office by parents.

** All medications not picked up by the last day of school will be discarded. **
If you are calling your student out of school, please call the health office at 908-454-3400 ext. 5020/5021. If no answer, please leave a message with your student’s name, grade and reason for absence.

As per State regulations, students will receive health screenings by the school nurses. All students are screened for height, weight, and blood pressure. In addition, third graders are screened for hearing, fourth graders are screened for vision, and fifth graders are screened for scoliosis. Fifth grade scoliosis screening permission forms will be sent home to all fifth grade parents and must be returned to the health office. If you prefer to opt your student out of health screenings, please submit a signed written request to the health office.