Phillipsburg Elementary School

Phillipsburg Elementary School located at 525 Warren Street is centrally located in the Town of Phillipsburg. The school day officially begins at 8:40 AM and ends at 2:40 PM. Students are welcomed into the building at 8:10 for breakfast.
Phillipsburg Elementary School is a Leader in Me School and each day begins with a 15 minute Leader in Me / Morning Meeting. Academically, students receive 50 minutes of ELA Core, 40 minutes of ELA  Lab, 50 minutes of Math Core, 40 minutes of Math Lab, and 60 minutes of integrated Social Studies, Science, Math, and ELA daily. Students also receive 45 minutes of Health or World Language, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Media/STEM each week. 
Every day also includes a 20 minute recess and a 10 minute Brain Break.