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All about Auggie

Auggie was born with Treacher Collins syndrome.  
From the Norton Children's Hospital Foundation at

A rarely talked about disease, Treacher Collins syndrome recently has become a topic of national conversation.        It’s thanks to the movie “Wonder,” in which the main character has the condition.

Dr. Chariker treats only a couple Treacher Collins patients — one in 50,000 babies are born with the condition —      but sees hundreds of kids with other craniofacial deformities every year. He hopes the movie will get more people talking and create a better understanding of what his patients deal with.

“This helps open up an insight to what these children go through,” he said. “They’re quite inspirational in how they confront problems in life and day-to-day things we take for granted, such as our appearance.” (Norton Children's Hospital Foundation, 2022).


Children's Craniofacial Association's Presentation on their annual family retreat: 

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